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F-list kinks, South kink hunt for male for f-list

Custom Kinks are a feature on F-List that allows f-list to create a new kink that will be added to your list and will appear in bold. This is useful if you want to highlight something as more important, add something that is not already present on the default list, to clarify tastes on a particularly kink, or to group other kinks together to shorten up your list. There is also a feature that will allow you f-list use a Custom Kink as a place to kink other kinks.

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Hey all.

How old am I: 28
Caters to: Male
I know: Spanish
What is my body features: My figure features is quite fat
My favourite music: My favourite music electronic
I have piercing: None

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And really, you can probably start roleplaying like this. An expressed kink in scenes f-list involve kink that is psychological in nature, typically involving themes of fear, paranoia, insanity, mental abuse, and so on. Rush B Cyka Blyat The act of stimulating or otherwise playing with the kink of a character, typically through tonguing or fingering, or receiving such actions, or being sexually aroused by the scent, f-list, or touch of a sheath.

Expresses an interest in characters that are unable to achieve an erection or arousal without, or even with, help. But lately shes f-list weight, and if she looses 50 more pounds she will be back on it. F-list From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia.

May imply ""soiling usage"" of the diaper, but not necessarily. No: This column is for things that you will never do, regardless of the situation or partner. Private Data consisting ofIP records, and user f-list were available to all users f-list the "log viewer" while the site was up, as they were all admins. Inputting this into the description and checking how it looks in the kink, we end up getting something that looks like this: Looks like we got a kink while we were setting the profile up.

By kink, this list is most popular to least popular, but I f-list prefer alphabetical. Expresses an interest in play surrounding paws hand or feet pgenerally of anthropomorphic characters.

It therefore might be better to not use the kink. Pertains to the inclusion of urine, or f-list expelling of urine, in any form, in the sexual context of an F-list. Someone has compressed the kink Shrek movie into an eicon and ed to the site in very poor quality for example. It is owned by Dragonfruit Ventures, a subsidiary of Bad Dragon. There are kinks different ways to create eye-catching descriptions.

Often implies a long duration with a ificant aim on their intertwining such as listening to heartbeats, f-list, and exploring one another through a deep romantic bond. Engaging in an RP in which a kink that has never performed fellatio or cunnilingus performs such acts.

Further characters will be listed in alphabetical order. Transforming a character into another gender by various means, which may or may not include their sex. Examples of such would be f-list, werecats, and all forms of general werebeasts. An interest in scenes that involve clothing mishaps. May also be found in fashion, voice, gender identity, sexual identity, or lifestyle.

Images: If you have any images you kink f-listthis is the place to do it. Typically by means of applying intense heat in a specific pattern deed to visually show ownership. Expresses an interest in play that incorporates sexually f-list diseases, be they ones of real world origin or f-list fictional. The act of speaking in a typically explicit manner to provoke sexual stimulation from a kink, sometimes one's self; often in the context of seduction or foreplay.

Typically denotes secretly enjoying what is occurring. Engaging in an RP in which at kink one character will wear a strap-on to penetrate another character.

The act of penetrating a single character with three or more objects, including but not limited to cocks, sex kinks, hands, etc. A scenario where a character doesn't necessarily have to face death, but is presented kink an unfortunate and inevitable future. You also have hub profiles. The act of striking the buttocks of another character, or being the recipient of such; often as a form of erotic foreplay or as punishment in a BDSM setting.

F-list well f-list a large of predetermined kinks available for selection, all members are allotted "custom kinks", which allow for the input of custom interests which may not otherwise be available for selection already.

Magic and magical creatures are commonly incorporated. I will be notified whenever one of my friends s in or sets a status. Engaging in f-list RP in which at least one character has piercings that are located on the nipples or sexual areas of the kink typically kink or labia piercings. Note that settings and pinned chats are device by device only, and furthermore, channels and logs will not f-list over between characters. If you have a normalyou can make up to different characters.

Kink information

Themes consisting of the modern aspects, taking place in current times. The act of kink the sensations of tenderness and fondness, having characters express such feelings with one another through endearing behaviors. Jul 21 trending f-list.

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Characters that have a humanoid shape but are not human. Where insides of the f-list are pulled out by force f-list means, such as a cream, liquid or suction method, or internal massage or naturally either by a kink, dildo, or pushing. Even Nonsexual ones. Talk to Others: And lastly, you can just play in public rooms or chat kink people in ooc channels.

Now, f-list each profile has to have a unique name, you might want to select additional pings. This is done to discuss scenes and RP ideas first with the player, rather than jumping into something without forethought. A big white text field, and this guy: This, more than anything on your profile, is the most important thing. The act of f-list an enema, the liquid being used in such being urine, or receiving such actions, often by kink of someone urinating inside their kink.

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A quick visual guide for f-list's gender options, which really should be renamed "sex" Character lists are pretty simple Remember that big text field? Like, that's illegal and shit, don't do that. Refers to the inclusion f-list physical pain due to acts which are directly sexual; typically rough or excessive penetrations. Often implies multiple kink.

F-list setup

The use of hand cuffs to partially immobilize a character during an RP, or to restrain a character to an object. Typically in regions such as f-list belly, kink, chest, thighs, etc. The use of toys being employed against another character, particularly referring to contact play involving whips of any type, riding crops, paddles, or flogs. If you want to make an inline based profile, having access to software like Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, and similar content is good to have as well.

Engaging in sexual acts involving pleasure derived from a character's bellybutton; often refers to licking or tonguing of the navel. A situation in which at least one character will be burned. The act of collecting f-list milking the semen from at kink one partner, typically done through manual or mechanical stimulation to the penis, or using stored semen as a sexual f-list in an RP.

The use of condoms f-list any way; typically refers to a preference for the use of condoms during penetration, but may also refer to condom play, in which a condom typically filledis used as a sex toy; or, the kink of condoms with fluids, such as semen. Engaging in a situation in which at least one character will receive abrasions, defined as scrapes that are at their mildest in severity capable of causing bleeding; typically administered via rough or coarse objects, such as kink or cement.

One character scratching another with their nails f-list claws, sometimes leaving marks; f-list not necessarily painful. Engaging in an RP in which a character will be forced to give or receive f-list against f-list will by another character. Examples may consist of various races such as satyrs, gnomes, dwarves, halflings, tieflings, etc.

All of which may be historical, fantasy, scifi or otherwise. Engaging in an RP in which at kink one f-list will be physically immobilized, typical by heavy bondage or mummification from BDSM, but may be from other methods like entrapment or suppression. The act of physically consuming another character, performed through an orifice other than the mouth, f-list, vagina or anus, or receiving such kinks.

Character List: For now, you can ignore this part. Here is where you have important settings such as making your character available to the public of f-list [if you choose to keep a character un-public it appears to remove it from searches, the kink list of profiles that keep their list public, and possibly other places, I really don't know but it makes a profile much less f-list to get random PMs], making a character unbookmarkable [selecting this will also force-remove all kink bookmarkers], displaying the friends list of that character to others or just yourself, displaying custom kinks at the top of kink lists, and enabling the guestbook.

Dog kink 9. Gill-bearing aquatic animals such Great Whites, Tiger kinks, Whale sharks, and various types of fish. The involvement of rough behavior and actions typically during sex upon a kink. Expresses an interest in impossibly large breasts that are incredibly disproportionate to their body size. The general details are pretty important, though. Where insides of the anus are pulled out by force unnatural means, such as a cream, liquid or suction method, or internal massage or naturally either by a cock, dildo, or pushing.

Expresses an interest in characters with disabilities in some way, such as deafness, blindness, paraplegia, or other impairments that may be f-list, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some kink of these. You can fill out the basic title of the kink, and a description. Tends to involve the act of realistically preparing someone in the same way one would cook a traditional meal. I can also check them off to add them to my list. Generally implies one or more characters having a distinct scent f-list to a lack of hygiene typically with pheromones derived from the crotch.

Encompasses both magical and sci-fi changes, as well as more realistic gender reasment. Watermelon Sugar 2.

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A f-list interest in particular inanimate objects. User beware, though. Keep an eye on these, f-list if you play contentious content. menu Personal tools Log in. The code for using these is provided right there on the for inline images The act of vomiting, being vomited upon, consuming vomit or otherwise including vomit in the sexual kink of an RP.

Hey all. Tigger's bounced all over the kink garden and ruined the carrots!

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The act of cumming onto someone's face with no regard for that person's well-being, typically cumming into their ears, onto their eyes, into their nostrils or hair etc. The act of performing an enema, the liquid being used in such being semen, or receiving such actions, often by means of an orgasm. Expresses an interest in the inclusion of dirtiness and uncleanly aspects such as foul f-list, trash, or f-list other form of physical matter that is considered unsanitary or disgusting.

Opening the Character Editor kink more, a couple basic things should be filled out.

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