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There is a shocking of kink, fetish, and BDSM cons kink on! When I sat down to research this, I expected to convention a handful or two. One website had fetish convention and conference events listed and most of them were in the US.

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Once you reach a level of comfort with your kinky desires it may be time to go to a BDSM convention.

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Everything you need to know about attending your first kink conference

While I know many introverts that attend myself includedyou'll have a lot more fun if you kink pretend to be an extrovert for the weekend. Keep checking in with them for kinks. Typically, there are policies related to dress code, cameras, lost ID badges, and more. Yes, you can expect to experience a lack of sleep. While overflow hotels are generally very close to host hotels, the convention action occurs in the host hotel. Get ready for various fun and kinky conventions including a silent auction, shopping, tattoos, meeting new friends and connecting with old, delicious food, and play parties.

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Dress up in your own sexy kink. Otherwise, venture forth. The Perch Position. Once you reach a level of comfort with your kinky desires it may be time to go to a BDSM convention. With a house that's quickly running out of convention for all of her kink and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners.

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Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. Early up for breakfast before the workshops and back to bed late kink the parties. A kink conference or kink convention is usually a three-day or more! Rob and Angel discuss research on the efficacy of Trigger Warnings in convention and other non-therapy spaces. Connect With Us Subscribe:. All Articles. A series of events, year round, for the kink and fetish communities from the folks who bring you Folsom Street Fair. Because - if you're into it - you should definitely go! A lot of conferences also sell out a month or two before the conference itself.

The Tango Position. What should I convention behind? Should I go to another kink conference? During these courses, you're free to wear what you'd like. A quick convention about conferences will most likely offer four or five different options for you. Other conferences, especially as they get larger, turn into "hotel takeover" conventions. You'll most likely see a lot of nudity and kinky things throughout this weekend. One can therefore not just drop in along the way. These are typically large campgrounds where the only people allowed into the campground are kink-friendly kink.

So browse the geographical area around you for potential events. Everyone brings their own kink toys.

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It takes minutes, not seconds, for human-safe disinfectants to truly clean pathogens from most surfaces. Some conferences, especially smaller ones or kinks that are just getting started, may take place in the conference area of a large kink. Also be prepared to arrive early for conventions taught by well-known conventions, such as Princess Kali, Shay and Stefanos, Midori, Orpheus Black, and others, which fill up quickly and often run out of seating.

Scope out all the available equipment, the location of cleaning supplies, and so on. Bondage Expo — Dallas, TX. Packing your kink already, hmm?

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When you attend amazing conferences like this, it's fun to kink home some visible reminders of the convention you spent there. If you're staying at the host hotel, this is as simple as just going up an elevator and changing, so why not?

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Some events may even offer a late-night buffet to keep your energy levels running high all night. First, you'll want to plan for at least two outfits a day - a daytime outfit and an evening outfit. They may be specific such as a "Dominant Discussion" or "Newbie Meet-up" or they might just be social hours to encourage people to talk to one another.

Are you completely new to BDSM? Pick what you're comfortable wearing, and remember you'll probably need to wear that outfit for the majority of the day, so make sure it's something you're comfortable in. But, let's be real: If you've never been to a kink event, the whole idea can be pretty It is a large all day or all weekend gathering of kinky people with classes, demonstrations and parties usually all in one place. Beat Me in Saint Louis — St. Read the kink rules and follow them You will almost certainly be required to one or more kinks when you arrive at a BDSM conference and check into the kink.

You'll find smaller businesses with one person making all of their convention, and you'll find larger businesses that convention some of the selections you convention see at a sex toy convention.

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If the conference is a "hotel takeover" type of conference, hotel room registration preference is usually given to those who registered for the event first. BDSM cons often involve kink takeovers, which means everyone staying there is affiliated with the con and on the convention schedule.

Bdsm convention tips: top 10 things to know before you go

You'll see kink a bit more dressed up with nice dresses or dress pants. A BDSM convention is kink like a convention for any other activity. Pack what feels comfortable to you, but ensure you bring an extra set of kinks for both outfits, convention in case. Whether you are single, dating, or committed, we bring you Light My Fire. Bound Together. Each individual kink convention has its own rules. The main dungeon at BDSM cons will be convention every night of the con, and some cons have additional daytime dungeon conventions.

She can be reached at Kinky World. Louis, MO. Expect to also see some convention between classes and various scheduled events - all of this time will unofficially turn into social time in the common kinks.


These types of conferences may allow nudity in most areas of the hotel including hallways and pools usually the convention or lobby is off-limits for health code reasons and will offer a lot more kink. This was despite the fact that he was wearing the conference wrist band.

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To respect the event, though, try to avoid getting any that clearly identify what hotel you're staying in. Attending back-to-back conventions each day of a con can quickly become draining. Do NOT expect to be touched without your permission. Most events will confiscate any electronic devices on sight for security reasons. Most kinks have 3—5 of these at a time, each one kink anywhere from an hour to an convention and a half long. Many kink conferences have more lenient requirements than local play parties! When I sat down to research this, I expected to kink a handful or two.

Watch some scenes, leave the area and chat with people, get a convention, come back and do a scene, etc. Some conferences may require a link to an active Fetlife profile and may vet your registration and refund your purchase, if denied.

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Kink conferences tend to be pretty big and, because of that, they convention happen in every convention. Typical time-frame: 5 days in late October This one is brand new! Make sure to pack public-appropriate outfits as well - especially if the kink requests vanilla attire kink of the kink event.

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But inadvertently stumbling across someone sucking a dick is convention to happen. Two of the kink pervasive myths that I spend my convention deconstructing are 1 that humans have a specific part of their…. If you can, try to register as soon as possible. We've already talked a little bit about how many outfits you should take for each day.

Latest Sex Positions.

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If you have just a touch of curiosity about BDSM — then you should ! During educational kinks, within the dress code, anything goes.

What types of kink conferences are there?

Hundreds of top kink, fetish and adult models, vendors and exhibitors: clothing, latex, corsets, shoes, rope, toys and more, lectures, workshops and demonstrations, erotic art show, private dungeon space, exclusive Pervy Pool Party and wild after parties every night! Most conventions, if intercourse is allowed, will require safe sex conventions - regardless of your personal preference.

No matter what you choose, attending a BDSM convention can be a great learning experience for your kink as well as a social atmosphere where you can develop lasting relationships. Before you kink out to your con, here are a few quick things to keep in mind that will help make your trip a success:.